Born on November 18, 1980; Graham March grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.


He was quick to discover his many talents as kid, from being able to ride a unicycle practically on his first crack, to drawing spectacular renderings from an early age throughout his life.

Graham was a quick learner for anything that interested him. By the time he was 13 years old, Graham could play most songs on radio by ear, on the piano.

Graham began creating original electronic music in 1994, using an Amiga computer and pro tracker software and influenced by early breakbeat, such as “Prodigy”. Graham went on to explore different styles ranging from trance, to downtempo, to eventually drum and bass. Reserving his tracks until 1999, mainly for small independent releases, internet distro and playing out live with his PA act, “phreshly spun” at various clubs & shows.

In 1999 he focused attention on producing cutting edge drum and bass and the exploring the rising dnb scene locally. As a producer he has always been to establish his sound, while also progressing on new ideas and concepts. His tracks have always been created to maximize his own live sets and are always aimed with dance floor in mind. Much of Graham’s current styles stem from past experience with many different styles, which resulted in many different elements appearing his tracks.

In 2001 Graham had become a father to a beautiful boy named, Seth. That same year, to no ones surprise his music had been released through different labels worldwide. Graham’s objective of reaching a broad range of listeners to establish his sound in the scene had taken shape.

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