Graham March 1980 – 2006

This website is in remembrance of Graham March, a true friend that I will never forget.


Graham, you are the most reliable, talented, patient, thoughtful, loving person I ever met. You showed me so many things in life. Your devoted help and support for me in college will not go unforgotten. Anything and everything that I create would not be possible without your guidance, skills and passion for the arts. I would not be the person I am today without knowing you and from that I carry you in my thoughts and heart wherever I may go. You are deeply missed Graham.


Desimal was the moniker of Canadian drum and bass producer Graham March. Creating a highly unique style of neurofunk, his work was signed to a number of important drum and bass labels. With a sound and style all his own, Desimal has the ability to obliterate a system in a matter of seconds. Within the first few bars of any of his tracks, you know immediately its his work and what you are in for.

The Inner Battle

In 1999, Graham March was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception or expression of reality and by significant social or occupational dysfunction. A person experiencing schizophrenia is typically characterized as demonstrating disorganized thinking, and as experiencing delusions or hallucinations, in particular auditory hallucinations.

I always tried to get Graham to explain to me what it was like inside his head. This is what he told me: “It’s like, 200 hundred channels of Television all on at once and you can’t turn them off, nothing but unwanted noise and thoughts.”

I never knew or could understand what he went through suffering from this disease, but I do know he loved his family and friends very much. I hope one day they can find answers to treat this horrible disease.

If you would like to find more information on Schizophrenia or find out what you can do to help find a cure, please use the following urls:

10 Responses to Graham March 1980 – 2006

  1. Anonymous says:

    Much Respect for one the best Canadian DB artist who ever lived.

  2. Romal says:

    hi man,

    I just wanted to say, ..respect!
    Graham is surely happy for what You’ve done for him.

    Hope to see you both in Afterlife.

    One love,

  3. unnamed says:

    12 years..

  4. Kirill says:

    We honor you. You’ll never be forgotten.

  5. useLess says:

    still listening …

  6. cyriak says:

    insane artist, only finding out about him now, he will live on forever with us

  7. Fonzie says:

    Thank you

  8. alex says:

    12 malditos años de que partiste :'( Hubiera querido conocer tu música mucho antes…

  9. Yura says:

    You are the best

  10. X says:

    Great artist, went wayy to early.

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