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  1. I never made any attempt to contact anyone when I heard. I was afraid. Afraid of believing what had come to be. I regret not getting to know him better, for his uninhibited musical expression was something I would have loved to been a part of. I cannot forget the times I did spend with him, and I can’t forgive myself for not spending more time with him.

    I myself am now a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

    I love you G.March, and will always miss you.

    Richard ~ Canada

  2. I think Desimal was an expecially can understand this just listening his music..nearly i cry when i listen AFTER LIFE..HE HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE!!!!!!i’ll remember forever the emotions that he succeed togive me!
    (excuse me for the english grammar)
    Forever with his Ludovica


  3. Hello! I wish to condole. That does not kill us – does us more strongly! My respect to you for a site and the detailed information. Desimal in our memory, as talented and very unusual musician. Stash, Russia, Moscow

  4. I am devastated by the lost of your dear friend Graham…. may he rests in peace.
    I love his music, and i feel like i have lost a friend, even if time goes by…..Hope he found the peace, and that he is happy wherever he may be.

  5. Hi there,
    I feel sorry with you and the family. I just got acquainted to the work of Desimal a couple of weeks ago. So I don’t know him personal but I admire his work which possible won’t heal your wounds.


  6. I’m a great fan of Grahams Music, owning several of his DnB releases when they were just in promotion (white label) form.
    I too am a sufferer of auditory hallucinosis, to me it was a shock that he made this decision but I can also heavily identify with it.
    At times it can be torture, or like now it can be dead silent.


  7. I just read the news that Graham(desimal)has past away. I am still in shock. I now his music already since it early releases on Always have thought his music was unique in its kind and genious. I just want to express to you that my thought are with you (family, friends and son) and I whish you lots of peace and love in your lifes.


  8. didn’t know Graham, I’d only seen him post on a forum, but I love his music and it was a shock to learn of his passing. Drum’n’bass music lost a lot of pure talent that day. Belated condolences to you guys.

  9. hi,

    I’ve just today been linked to this site by a friend of mine after pestering him for his vinyl copy of Afterlife for about 4 years. This track really resonates with me and I absolutely love it so thankyou.

    I also work with people every day with people who have a diagnosis of Schziophrenia and this site has given me a glimpse of the human side of them that I don’t get in my working life. Its had quite an effect on me so please continue to do what you do.

    Your Son/Brother/Friend was a very talented man


  10. We will never forget him.
    His music is his afterlife.
    He was a perfectly talented person.
    But the greater talent,the bigger price will be paid for it.
    I hope, one day we can see him smiling, looking at us from the brake in the clouds.


  11. Hi all,
    I found this website via the Knowledge website. I just wanted to say that as Desimal, Grahams music is so inspiring. I am a huge fan of the labels he has released on, and the tracks he produced couldn’t help but grab my attention; they are just brimming with emotion and confident narrative. I believe that music made with such heart offers a unique insight to that persons soul…outstanding tracks from an outstanding individual, and as long as we have his music, in my humble opinion, that person is never truly gone.


  12. Hello, anyone who read me.
    I want to express my feelings about the genios named Graham. Few days ago I founded his track “After Life” and pieces from Graham’s biography. And I was shocked, really. Such genious man with such terrible problems. But who knows, maybe this problems are reason to Graham’s sucesses. But anyway, I am just crambling before things, which Gramam ment to live through. And he is a true genios.
    Only thing I hope is Graham in peace now. I think he always want it. And he finally reach it.


  13. I just love the music… probably the best and most captivating artist that I’ve come across. I listened to Grahams music for over a year, I’ve spread it around my friends did my best in appreciating his work. I am very sad to know this genius in not among us anymore but I must add that he is surely alive in my thoughts.


  14. I’ve been a fan of dnb for several years now – I’m just listening to one of the tracks that you have up here. It’s fantastic – just thought I’d drop you a line to say so.


  15. I’m really glad that i had opportunity to listen music composed by Graham. It’s something totally different, new path in electronic music. So many mixed elements that fix to each other, truly amazing.
    I’d like to thanks for allowing other people free downloading Grahams stuff. Good to know that there are artists who respects thier fans and don’t compose just for money. I’m really grateful.


  16. Good day! I am from Russia. So I beg you to forgive me for the correctness of this message.
    I am very grateful to Graham, because he encouraged me to create my own music. Music without frames! Arrangement of “Afterlife” – to life with me.
    Thank you for your site. I learned many new things!


  17. just wanted to tell you guys that Graham’s music is incredible. The feelings I get from his music are tremendous at times, and at other times intriguing. Ironically the song that led me to find out about him was called Afterlife. I wish you guys the best.


  18. Hello,

    Just wanted to drop by and simply share that I thought Graham made some absolutely astonishing music.

    I know a lot of people outside of the small drum ‘n bass subculture might have a bit of trouble understanding the depth and complexity and brilliantly creative outlook that existed in his tracks, but they are there fully. There were no words, but Graham fully expressed many emotions and moods through his music. I wish nothing but full sympathy to the March family. I know this has probably been stated many times before, but if there is any good to come out of Graham’s passing, it is that his music has been exposed to a huge amount of people, and many people like myself instantly responded to it and was surprised I had not heard it earlier. In the days after his passing, while I, and many others in the drum ‘n bass community delved into his catalog of music, I was amazed to hear such an odd sense of intimacy to the tracks, I know it sounds odd but sometimes that frantic and spastic beats and synth progressions can reveal a bit about the person engineering them. Graham definitely had a large amount of talent in this field, which was definitely evident in the outpouring of support and respect people showed when news of his passing hit.

    In the world of drum ‘n bass where many tracks become dated and/or forgotten quite quickly, so many of Graham’s tracks sound as vibrant and incredible as they did years ago.

    I hope if anything, people close to Graham will know that his music was inspiring and impressive to a very large community of people. From the casual listeners such as myself, to those also creating the music (many of whom Graham helped out personally online, etc).


  19. Dear Family March,

    I have now heared by the great loss by Graham and I was very shocked. I have lost my brother he was also ill from this disease and is died in year 2002 with 27 years. It is a hard and difficult path to understand this.

    When I have heard the song “AfterLife” I was impressed by the power and strength in this song. It describes the situation of the disease and it has really helped me to understand the despair. Graham was like my brother a special person and I hope that both have found peace and quiet. The disease is a major burden.
    I want to commend my sympathy to your family. Graham remains through his music and art in our hearts and we will never forget him.

  20. I just wanted to say that Desimal’s music was touching and absolutely beautiful. I am a producer myself, and I enjoyed learning something new from hearing his music. He will be surely missed. Even two years since his passing, he is still remembered. Just wanted to share my thoughts. God Bless.

  21. I’ve been a fan of dnb for several years now – I’m just listening to one of the tracks that you have up here. It’s fantastic – just thought I’d drop you a line to say so.


  22. Hi dear relatives of Desimal,
    i just want to express my deepest appreciation for the one like Desimal, whom i believe to be still alive,as his lively music can witness…his legacy, which i consider to be so ahead of his time, will surely inspire so many artists as myself, so i gotta thank him for being there, and for all of you for perpetuating his persona….


  23. such a big lose, still after 1year I dont wanna belive it. he was such a MAGNIFICENT MUSIC PIONEER , My thoughts go out to his friends and family rest in peace

    his music will alwayz be deep seated in my heart



  24. Hi!

    I hope they have good D’n’B parties there in Heaven. I hope to get to know you there some day, Graham. You don’t know me, and I only know you by your music, which i found very touching and unique.

    Peace be with you, Graham.

    – unfa from Poland.

  25. It was saddening to learn that this absolutely mindblowing artist I had only just discovered months ago won’t be making music or having fruitful internet forum conversations anymore. How much more painful must it have been to lose this, judging from his music, very sensitive and empathetic guy as a friend.
    May you be at peace, Graham.


  26. I did not know who Graham March was until 5 or 6 months ago. His love and passion for life was spoken to all of our hearts through his music. Some people say music created by machines has no soul. Graham’s music has a soul. His soul. He will live on forever.

  27. Graham was a TRUE TALENT – it’s sad that I’ve only found His music when He was already gone… ;(( His masterpiece, Afterlife means a lot more in this aspect.

    Rest In Peace, Graham, and if there’s really an Afterlife, I hope You’ll reborn with the same music talent, but without the torturing voices in Your head!

    StormChild / Hungary

  28. I just discovered Graham’s music through a good friend in Denmark, and I feel compelled to comment here. I absolutely am angry that I never heard Graham’s music before he died. Having struggled with mental illness myself, his music speaks to me in a way that I haven’t heard before. It is completely true! Thank you, Graham, for all you left behind! It is truly beautiful!

  29. It is amazing that someone so young could have achieved so much greatness. As an illustrator I don’t know much about music, but when I hear something that’s amazing, it hits me. This was exactly how Graham’s music impressed me – so hard one intuitively knows that his music is such an immense contribution to drum and bass. But as a human being, even though I’ve not known him, significantly saddens me about how he passed. Sometimes I just can’t believe it. RIP

  30. Still missing you, Graham – you were an outstanding talent. It’s easier to be a completely everyday person without the screams, voices, whispers in your head, but the tracks you had created, arranged show us how deep could be the mind.

    Rest In Peace, Desimal – I hope your son has only inherited your talent, and I wish him all the best!

    With the greatest admiration,
    StormChild / Hungary

  31. I am an ameature producer with no clinical diagnosis of any kind of mental disease. Graham along with a bunch of other artists are a big inspiration on the music that I make. When I want to make something outlandish and out of this world, I listen to Desimal and others. It gives me some kind of inspiration that I couldn’t quite get out of my head in terms that I, myself, could understand. It helps me channel the sound I want to make that’s stuck in my head. Like he mentioned, “It’s like having 200 different TV channels on and you can’t turn them off.” It’s like that for me as well. My mind is cluttered with so many thoughts at once.

    All in all, I am grateful that this tribute site was made in his honor. He sounds like a wonderful and interesting person.

  32. Still enjoying his music a lot. I haven’t dj’ed for a long while and sold most of my vinyl except his creations. Somehow his music and personal inner battle seems very familiar.


  33. Graham was the best electronic music artist I know of,I`m not trying to bash any other DnB artists,but his work is really unappreciated,he should have a larger audience than many of the major DnB producers…the fact that it ended for him so soon is really depressing for me…

    RIP from Slovakia

  34. Graham’s creation, I found only recently. And I was absolutely thrilled sounds. Much saddened me when I learned that it is no longer among us.
    (excuse me for my bad english)

    R.I.P from Czech Republic

  35. To say a compliment to Desimal – you are, truly, a simphony creator. You were in right place at right time with temperance mind. First i`d hear your art at 2007, and that was cool in Yekaterinburg (!) Ural (!) Russia. But later my friend Kostya says that you caught a bullet. Well now i see you had another way to go out. Now i listen Kirkorov and Stas Mikhailov, sometimes Digweed.

  36. Hi Seth! I am truly sorry for your loss..
    Was combing the internet looking for Phreshly Spun songs, never would I have imagined it would lead me here..

    Wish I had more time to get to know Graham as I had only ever talked to him over the phone many years ago..

    Nice site! And thanks for putting up his music & art.
    Kamloops, B.C.

  37. Condolences to the family and friends Graham.
    I just recently got acquainted with his creations.
    Recently, very often listen to his recordings.
    I apologize in advance for the English.
    I will continue to admire his creations.
    Will greatly miss him …
    Russia will always remember him.

  38. For me he was and always will be one of the best electronic composers. I think thare are very few who truly composed electronic music and he was one of them. His music always has a great moving effect on me, and it’s truly unique.
    He will be always listened to.

    R.I.P. – Nyugodj békében

  39. you will never be forgotten. your soul, even if trapped in darkness during life, is one of the finest i’ve ever experienced in music for music is the language of the soul. may your afterlife be in shining light.

  40. Still think of you, still miss you, MSD. Your music never stops amazing me. I remember having to pull you off the dance floor during your own set because your track was about to end and you were so into the music you forgot that you were the DJ!

    Trying to do what I can to end the stigma against mental illness. Asking for and receiving help is so important. *hugs*

  41. Over 7 years after his death, I just recently discovered Graham’s music and I am absolutely amazed. It’s astonishing just how far ahead of his time he was as far as his music goes. His songs from the 2000’s destroy anything that has been made since then, and the genre has had 7 years to age! I can’t imagine what Neurofunk (or all of DnB in general) would be like if he were still around today. He would have changed the genre so much, even more than he already has. It’s a terrible shame what happened, but the world was truly blessed to have him.

    RIP, Desimal. You will be missed.

  42. im not into dnb and i don’t know that much about Graham. But i like some of his tracks, especially hyperboria which is a masterpiece.
    I hope he is at peace :)

    I am from Sweden by the way.

  43. Ukraine and Russia are remembers about Desimal!
    Your tracks are deeply entrenched in my heart,Graham!
    Thank you for your site!

    (sorry for my english)

  44. Your soul lives in your music. You have completed your musical mission and I thank you for that. Rest in peace Graham William March!


  45. The story of young genius. His music and biography continues to walk on Earth impressing & modifying minds of many, and Im not an exception.
    Rest in peace, Graham.

    Russian from cold far Siberia.

  46. Hi,

    it used to be possible to buy Graham’s music on the old site, but I can’t see any link on this one. Is it still possible to buy it? I love Graham’s music ever since a found it about 2 years ago, looking around forums thread about “the best dnb artist”. A lot of people wrote that Desimal had the most unique sound, and it took me a while to be able to fully understand and feel it, but they were right. He really had one of the most unique sounds this music has ever had. No-one did wrote dnb like him, no-one else has sounded even remotely like him ever since. And that’s they it should be. Anyways, I’d love to buy all the albums he wrote, so please, if you see this get back to me. Thank you.

  47. Greets! I born in ’85, i was diagnosed with paranoid schiofrenia in 2004, just the age as Graham. I always loved his tunes, they are so unique and represents my inner battle also. I think i was similar to him, in thinking, “It’s like, 200 hundred channels of Television all on at once and you can’t turn them off, nothing but unwanted noise and thoughts.”, i feel the same but my metaphore is “200 Candles, and u whistle one and two other candle start to fire”. Its bad that i couldn’t have one conversation with him, but since my diagnoses, i’m listening to his music and will always will love his musician style and sounds he used.

    Matthew, from hungary.

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